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Living with Vision Loss

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      The Iowa Department for the Blind has helped thousands of blind and visually impaired Iowans to manage their vision loss so they can continue to live independently.

      The Iowa Department for the Blind helps empower blind and visually impaired Iowans to lead active and fulfilling lives. The Department educates and trains them in alternative techniques while instilling them with confidence for independent living and competitive job placement. These skills enable those with vision loss to fully participate in life, through work, family and community and helps them achieve their dreams.

      Independent Living Services
      In-home and community-based services throughout Iowa at no cost.

      Orientation Center
      The Adult Orientation and Adjustment Center provides a curriculum for those ages 17 and older to learn alternative skills for everything from cooking to computers.

      Young Adult Programs
      Transition services from school to work for ages 14 to 24.

      Find or Keep a Job
      The Department provides free employment services to blind and visually impaired Iowans who are looking for a job or want to retain or advance in their current career.

      Deaf-Blind Resources
      A list of helpful resources for deaf-blind people and their families.

      Learn and Connect
      Learn about blindness and connect with community groups and resources.

      Vision Loss Support Groups
      Meet others in your community experiencing vision loss. Groups are not maintained by the IDB. Contact information is provided.

      The Aids & Devices Store
      Assistive tools & devices that can help in your home and life.

      Legal Blindness - Functional Blindness
      Definitions for legal and functional blindness.

      Success Stories
      Read stories about the successes many IDB clients have achieved with the benefit of our services.