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Borrowing Books - Braille

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      The Braille collection contains topics as diverse as any in a public library. Fiction, non-fiction, bestsellers, local interest and print/Braille for young children are all included.Some books are provided by NLS; others are transcribed by volunteers.

      All books are housed in order of acquisition, so the newest books are shelved together. A selection of new books can be found to the right of the main library door. These books are rotated frequently, allowing visitors to discover our most recent arrivals.

      The Library holds two special collections of Braille books:

      • Iowa history
      • Science fiction

      You can access them through the on-line public access catalog (OPAC) by subject category, or ask your reader advisor to add them to your profile.

      Because Braille books are so bulky, and because some are in limited supply, additional books available through the Library are warehoused at the Multistate Center in Utah. The Multistate Center serves as a central location for several regional libraries in the NLS system. Access to the unique collections housed at the Multistate Center greatly increases the number of Braille books available to you. When you request books from the Multistate Center, they are mailed to you in approximately the same amount of time as books that are sent from the Library in Des Moines. Regardless of where books are stored, you should order them through your reader advisor in Des Moines. Please return books from the Multistate Center in the same container in which they were received.