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      by Loren Zane Grey
      Narrated by Rick Stageman
      Rick is one of our newer studio narrators. He began recording with us in March, 2009 and has already recorded three books!
      by Loren Zane Grey
      Narrated by David Saurman
      Dave is one of our first and most dedicated studio narrators. He also volunteers for IRIS, the Iowa Radio Reading Information Service.
      by Loren Zane Grey
      Narrated by Harlan Watson
      Harlan Watson, recipient of the Elizabeth Perowsky Award in 2008, has narrated for the IDB Library for over twelve years! The first of our in-home narrators to record using our new digital recording setup, Harlan has recorded over 42 digital books, plus hundreds of other titles on tape.
      by Loren Zane Grey
      Narrated by Robert White
      A former theatre professor, Dr. White has recorded 60 books in the past three years. Bob works from his home in Illinois.