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Employment Services

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      The Department has helped thousands of blind and visually impaired Iowans successfully find and retain high quality jobs.

      The Department provides employment services to blind and visually impaired Iowans who are looking for a job or want to retain or advance in their current career. The Department for the Blind believes that with the right skills and opportunities a blind or visually impaired person can be a competitive and valuable employee.

      Vocational Rehabilitation Services
      We can help you find or keep a job through training, education, technology, career counseling, and more.

      Vocational Rehabilitation Services for the Deaf-Blind
      A video that presents information about vocational rehabilitation services available to individuals who are Deaf and Blind through the Iowa Department for the Blind.

      Business Enterprises Program
      Want to run your own business in food services? We help legally blind entrepreneurs throughout Iowa.

      Youth Employment Program
      Our Youth Transition Program gives high-school and college students meaningful work experience that will help them obtain and keep successful competitive employment as adults.

      Orientation Center
      The Adult Orientation and Adjustment Center provides a live-in curriculum for learning the skills of blindness, from cooking to computers.

      Job Search Tips
      Get prepared to find a successful career with a resume, career selection tips, and job banks.

      Career Resources Center
      The Career Resource Center is a great starting place if want to investigate a job or career. Now located in our Library in Des Moines.

      State and Federal Support Programs
      Read about financial and medical coverage programs available, including Social Security.

      Success Stories
      Read about some of the blind Iowans who have found or kept a job with assistance from the Department. You can also read about jobs currently held by blind Iowans.

      Thinking Outside the Employment Box
      A publication of the Iowa Department of Human Services, developed under contract by the Center for Disabilities and Development, introduces eighteen Iowa entrepreneurs. Three of these individuals are former Iowa Department for the Blind clients. Download the pdf file to read about their continued successes.

      Resources For Businesses
      Are you an employer looking for qualified job seekers? Perhaps you want information on how to retain an employee who is experiencing significant vision loss. If so, explore this link.

      Job Openings at the Iowa Department for the Blind
      Careers related to the field of blindness rehabilitation.